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Born in 1971 . studied the Academy of art in Belgrade

The member of  ULUPUDS , with a status of a independent artist .

Outside of Serbia , Dusan had very important independant exibitions in Switserland , France , China ,  Itally , Spain , Great Britain , Taiwan…

Was invited to be a judge multiple times in Turkey in a International competition of watercolour artists .  He is a winner of multiple awards for his work . His works were chosen and presented in a lot of catalogs  in the International watercolor asociation .

His thoughts and interviews about the watercolours were published in prestigeous international  magazines like:

– Pratique des Arts n° 109

-The Art of Watercolour 21st issue

– Pratique des Arts n° 114

As well as numberfull electronic publications , a lot of international  journals , magazines and a number of TV interwievs :

-Interviews were in national magazines :  Pečat, Lider , Nacionalnoj Reviji, Blic, Dan. Itd.

His works are in ownership of numberfull colectors world wide , as well as in private collections of fans and followers of art…

He lives and works in Belgrade ,he travels , piants and presents his works in the world like a respected master of watercolour.



Watercolour  is the art of strategy, of a goal set in advance.

The entire craftsmanship of watercolour can be defined as one thing: controlling coincidence, knowing the outcome. That is watercolour!

Art is created the very moment the craft becomes a tool, a means of spirit. This is when the most beautiful – the incomprehensible, the inexplicable – is created in art. This is a secret! If the secret is revealed, everything comes to the surface, everything is within reach. Magic is no longer there to seduce you, to mesmerize you!!

And it seems to me that the less we wonder, the more we give!


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